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Checking Your Order

I can’t login to my account

Please follow these instructions:
-Check your login details. Your login username is your email address used for registration.
-It might be a problem caused by system maintenance – Please wait 30 mins and try again.
-Ensure that cookies from are accepted in your browser (Internet Explorer or others).
-If nothing works please submit a ticket,our customer service will help you solve it out.

If you’re not sure if the problem is with us or you, please test logging in with a different computer to try logging in, or try different browsers.

If you made a mistake when you registered, and you can’t access your account. and you’ve never made any orders. it might be quickest to just use the registration to sign up again for a new account.

If you have forgotten your password, please click here to get a new password.


How To Check My Order?

It is easy, after you placed an order,please log in your account using your email address.

In your account menu, you can see all the orders you made including full information: shipping address, shipping method, payment information, also items ordered. You can also print an invoice by yourself.

When the status of your order is updated, It will also show in your account. The tracking number (if did choose Airmail Registered shipping method) will be submitted to your account after we ship out your package. You should also receive a email from including tracking number and links.

You can also do some account setting or manage your address book from account menu.

For not registered customers, you can check your order status without logging directly here:

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General FAQ

OEM Service

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Please tell us the OEM product information :

1. Which product and whether on or out the website.
2. Quantities.( MOQ of most products is 500, MOQ of clothes is 100)  and specification.
3. Logo required labeling and printing.
4. Delivery country.

Please contact us at We are looking forward to hearing from you !

What If I Am Making A Large / Bulk Order?

We will provide you with personal customer service for large volume wholesale orders and discuss the shipping options fully.

For large volume order quotation,our VIP Customer Manager wish to serve you:

Email: (Sales Department)

Payment Methods Accepted

There are 2 ways you can pay for your orders:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
Paying with PayPal:
With PayPal, you can send payment quickly and securely online.
Through PayPal, you can pay with credit card, debit card, or bank account balance.
Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to PayPal’s site where you could make the payment.
Advantages with using PayPal:
Payment is traceable. You can trace the status of your payment using your PayPal account.
Payment does not require you to use your credit card online (you can transfer directly from your bank account). doesn’t see your credit card number (it is safely encrypted through PayPal’s server), which limits the risk of unauthorized use.
The location the seller is shipping to (also call the destination country or region).
Paying with Credit Card:
You can pay with your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) via paypal gateway without registering there.


I Have Problems in Using the Product I Ordered

Firstly, please check the English manual that comes with the product, or you can check for online manuals or Blogs for advice. If you still can’t figure out the problem, please submit a ticket to our customer service representative at: Contact Us. They will offer you professional tech support and help you assess if your product is defected.

How to return faulty goods?

Before returning goods, please contact us first to discuss the issues you are having. mostly times we are able to sort out the problem by giving technical support, without you having to send anything back.

If there are irremediable defects with the devices, you can return them back to us for repair or replacement under our twelve months warranty.

Please email our Customer Service Department at:, we will offer you a return code (e.g. RETURN12345) and our return address, along with additional important instructions.

Generally we advise you to return faulty goods by sending them through the Post Office rather than using couriers like DHL, UPS, and TNT. Normally it will take 2 weeks to return goods to us by Post Office.

If you did not buy your product directly from website directly, you will need to contact the sales preventives who sold it to you.

How To Cancel An Wrongly Placed Order?


If you have not paid for your order, there is no need to contact us to cancel it. We receive hundreds of ‘test’ orders each day which our members are using to quote certain cart contents and save the invoice for later reference.

We ignore all orders until a matching payment is received. So if you haven’t paid, don’t worry, we’re not processing your order.

You are under no obligation to follow through and pay for an order just because you checked out your cart online. If you want to do test orders to save certain invoices for later you are welcome to do this.

If your order is more than a week old please note you may not be able to “reactivate” it by sending payment, because the prices of the items may have changed as well as the shipping rates and the currency conversions. You may need to repeat the order with a new cart.


If you have placed an order and you HAVE PAID, and you want to CANCEL, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you are uncertain about something on your order and you think you want to change it, please contact us and put the order on hold while you decide. This will stop the packing process so you still have a chance to make changes.

If the goods have already been delivered we cannot cancel or change the order.

If you want to cancel an order because you are ADDING further products, but not cancelling the previous items, that can usually be processed without any extra fees – please contact us.

If the order is in an early processing stage you may be able to change your mind and cancel the total order.You can ask for an refund or keep your payment as a credit.

Can I Trust

If you have any doubts about importing from China, you’re right to be cautious. Here’s some key information about to give you more confidence in starting out with your new China Wholesale supplier: is a wholesaler , based in Israel and ship from the city of GuangZhou in Mainland China. Goods are shipped to worldwide by air freight and couriers such as DHL and UPS.

What makes different from other Chinese suppliers?

-Unlike most Chinese export companies, there is no minimum order restriction. You can buy products in any order quantity – even 1 piece samples – from a wide selection of the latest released products. So you can test products and find out about the details of importing from before you’re committed to any large orders;

-You can pay by credit card through Paypal, which offers total buyer protection and avoids having to share any of your financial information;

-Dropshippers can send single items directly from to their customers.

-All the products you buy from are covered by our warranty (Different products have different warranties), and are carefully inspected for quality before packing – which is one additional level of QA over and above what is done in the factory;

-You’re supported by friendly English speaking staff before and after placing an order, and you can get full product information and support even before purchasing;

-Your goods are packed carefully, and the packages are correctly labelled and accompanied by all the paperwork that’s needed for smooth clearance through your country’s Customs.

Why you can trust

-When you pay for orders on you do not need to share any of your confidential financial details with and you’re protected by Paypal’s money back guarantees; is an officially registered in Israel;

-The website is certified “Hacker Safe” and is also verified.


- Contact Us to view FAQs and submit help tickets (we aim to answer all tickets within 1 working days)

– you can also email directly

Can An Order Be Made Without Using The Website?

We prefer our customers to order through our website. You can place orders directly for the products you like.

However, if you want to order in other ways, or have questions about ordering, please contact our customer service representatives by live chat or email us at:

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How To Pay

Payment Methods

There are different ways you can pay for your orders:
– With Paypal account
– With Credit Card (thru paypal gateway)

Paying with PayPal or Credit Card:

Through PayPal, you can pay with credit card, debit card, or connected bank account. Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to PayPal’s page where you can make the payment.

1) Login to your PayPal account or use Credit Card Express.
2) Enter your Card Details, and your order will be shipped to your PayPal address, then click Submit.
3) Your Payment will be processed and a receipt will be sent to your email inbox.
NOTE: Ensure you have selected or entered the correct delivery address.

Can I Pay For My Order By Credit Card?

Yes, you can checkout directly with credit card via paypal gateway.

We accept payment for orders by Paypal and Credit Cards.

Paypal offers a secure method to send money from your credit card without telling online shops your credit card numbers.

Do I Have To Pay VAT / Sales Tax?

Do I have to pay VAT or any other form of sales tax on products bought through

We do not add any additional charges or taxes in China.

Possible additional costs to you may include:
– Any import duties that are levied at customs.

Please note that if you are re-selling (or drop-shipping) goods from, please ensure you are abiding by the tax (and other) regulations for selling goods in your home country and the destination country.

Please note that if you are drop-shipping to end customers, Please let them know about any taxes they may have to pay when receiving goods from the courier.

Cash On Delivery?

No, sorry, Please pay for your order in full, in advance, by Paypal or Credit Card.


Why Was My Order Cancelled?

“Why was my order cancelled? Why did you refund my payment?

If we returned your money to you and closed your order, it is almost certainly because we were unable to verify your  payment or the products you ordered were out of stock. Generally, our customer service staff will contact you by phone or email to discuss with you, but if we can not get in touch with you in 5 days after we receive your payment,we will have to refund for you. As we think, It is our responsibility to ship out your order in time.

Possible reasons for refunding money are:
– Paypal account name and address does not match your order’s shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.
– The the products you ordered were out of stock (Generally we have enough stock but rarely we may suffer an temporarily lack of certain product ),and there was no response when we contacted you.

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Paypal FAQ

My Country Isn’t Available In Paypal!

Normally you can register free for an account at – but please note paying by Paypal is only possible in the countries listed on the following web page:

PayPal Localized Sites

If you have a Paypal account, but you are having problems with sending money or logging into Paypal, you need to speak to Paypal customer service and not us.


I Want To Contact PayPal Customer Service But Can’t Find A Phone

Finding this information on the PayPal website is quite tricky and some users have suggested this may be because they prefer receiving requests by email and want to reduce the number of calls. You can contact PayPal customer service at the toll-free contact numbers below:

Toll Free for Business/Premier, USA & Canada: 1-888-221-1161 / 1-888-204-4481

Personal Accounts: 1-402-935-2050
PayPal UK: 0870 7307 191

They are open between the following hours:
-4:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT Monday through Friday
-6:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT on Saturday and Sunday

How Does Paypal Work, Generally Speaking?

Using Paypal you have several choices:

– send money from existing credit on your Paypal account (if any);
– send money from a credit card: the amount is drawn from your credit card and sent directly to the recipient’s Paypal account;
– send money from a debit card/ bank account: the amount is sent directly to the recipient’s Paypal account.

Please note that Paypal will probably charge you certain commissions when “uploading” money, so please check on their site for real information about their services, and don’t take our word for it!!

Please be extra vigilant about possible fraud sites purporting to be the real Paypal site in order to harvest your information. Don’t click on links to “paypal verification” emails as they are always ‘fishing’.

PayPal Buyer Protection

PayPal Buyer Protection: We Proud to provide Paypal Third Party

If you don’t receive your item, or the item is significantly different from its description in the seller’s listing, PayPal Buyer Protection covers eligible transactions for up to the full purchase price plus original shipping charges. (Some purchases aren’t eligible for this program, including vehicles in the Motors category, capital equipment in the Business & Industrial category, and Real Estate.)

An item is covered by PayPal Buyer Protection if:
*You purchase the item on
*You use PayPal to pay for the item.
*You correspond with the using the email address
*The seller’s listing is for a physical item—services and intangible items aren’t covered.
*You file only one claim per PayPal payment.
*You open the case no later than 180 calendar days from the date of your PayPal payment and – if you need to – escalate it to a claim no more than 20 calendar days after you open your case.
*You meet the PayPal Buyer Protection requirements outlined in Section 13 of the PayPal User Agreement.

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Refunds & Warranty

Policy of Refund, Repairment and Replacement and Exchange

We will try our best to make sure the products shipped to our customers are in good quality. If there are some problems on the goods, you have right to guarantee your benefits.

Different products have different warranties, so make sure you contact us before the deadline. If you don’t know the warranty of your item, you can contact our staffs before making a purchase.

1. Return & refund with quality issue

Products with quality problem can be returned for full refund.
Customer need to send the products back to us, When we receive the products, We will give an full refund.

2. Replace

Products with quality problem can be returned and replaced.

Customer need to send the products back to us, When we receive the products,We will replace new ones and ship back to customer.

We will pay shipping fee for the replaced products we ship to the customer.

3. Repair

Products with quality problem can be returned and repaired.

Customer need to send the products back to us, When we receive the products,We will repair and ship back to customer.

Buyers pay all the shipping fees in both sides.

4. Exchange

If you are not satisfied with any of our products due to a fault, you can send them back to us for an exchange to another product, in this case, we don’t pay the fees, you send the item back and you need to pay the difference between product costs etc.

5. Return for “not satisfied” reason

Because the international shipping fee is very high and most of pictures on are taken by ourself with real products. So we do not give full refund for returns without quality problems,like  “not like the picture”,”not as imagining” or just  “not satisfied”. Before placing large quantity order, please have sample first.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return a product within 3 days after delivery to receive a replacement or a refund of its price minus the shipping fees. If the return is not a result of our error, customers will be required to cover shipping cost both ways.

Please ensure to return the item with its original packaging and accessories in the same condition as when you received it.

We will reduce the shipping fee from the order total amount means a partial refund.

Important Notes

All customers should contact Customer Service for approval before sending anything to us before returning any item(s). will not be responsible for returned item(s) without notifying us in advance. When contacting please include the following information:

  • Photos of the front and back of the packaging envelope or box
  • Partial shipment slips (if applicable)
  • Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the defective item
  • Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the defect or defective area

Please keep all packaging material and partial shipment note(s) as they’re needed for returns. After mailing back the products, please be sure to provide us the tracking number of the returned package, if there is no tracking number available, a picture of shipping receipt is necessary. If neither of them can be provided, we might have to hold processing for you until the package arrives at our warehouse which may take one to two months, please kindly note.

Refunds are made via the payment method you originally used to order. Customers are responsible for all payment fees (if any) issued during processing and transfering any refund.

If possible, please make sure you have checked the package contents before you sign for it. If you see any visual damage or it feels empty, please refuse to accept it and contact us. Once you sign for the item, you are signing acceptance of the integrity of all products as is and CANNOT refute the shipping charges for the empty package.

As our return warehouse is located in China, please send item back to us through local post office instead of express service like DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX…as it likely will  incur import taxes when it reaches customs and it may also be delayed during the customs clearance process. If we can’t receive the item we can’t arrange  a replacement or repair.

Please send the item back according to our return policy.  If it cost too much custom duties or the parcel is not trackable via tracking number and customer name, we will reject your return parcel by express.

Please remember to include a note in your package indicating the following details:

  • your order number;
  • SKU numbers returned and quantity;
  • A short description of the problem(s) of the defective item(s).

This note will help expedite the processing time for you. reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements to this policy. Any changes will be updated on the Policy Page/HELP section of our website.

If there are any further inquiries, please contact our Customer Service team for more information.

PayPal Buyer Protection

PayPal Buyer Protection: We Proud to provide Paypal Third Party

If you don’t receive your item, or the item is significantly different from its description in the seller’s listing, PayPal Buyer Protection covers eligible transactions for up to the full purchase price plus original shipping charges. (Some purchases aren’t eligible for this program, including vehicles in the Motors category, capital equipment in the Business & Industrial category, and Real Estate.)

An item is covered by PayPal Buyer Protection if:
*You purchase the item on
*You use PayPal to pay for the item.
*You correspond with the using the email address
*The seller’s listing is for a physical item—services and intangible items aren’t covered.
*You file only one claim per PayPal payment.
*You open the case no later than 180 calendar days from the date of your PayPal payment and – if you need to – escalate it to a claim no more than 20 calendar days after you open your case.
*You meet the PayPal Buyer Protection requirements outlined in Section 13 of the PayPal User Agreement.

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Shipping Methods

Shipping Method

You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. offers 3 different international shipping methods, Airmail, Airmail registered and Expedited Shipping Service, following are delivery times:

Airmail and Airmail Registered Area Estimated Delivery Time
United States, Canada 10-25 business days
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore 10-25 business days
United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland 10-25 business days
Italy, Brazil, Russia 10-45 business days
Other countries 10-35 business days
Expedited Shipping 7-15 business days to Worldwide


We do worldwide free shipping on standard shipping method. We can only list a limited amount of countries. We can not give you an approximate delivery time to other countries, where has more uncertainties during the delivery. Please understand.

Delivery time: Before we can ship your order, has to prepare your products, do strict quality-control tests and carefully package the items. The time it takes to prepare your items for shipping is separate from the delivery time. Thank you for understanding!

I payed for Expedited Shipping but I am in a country which requires customs duty. How can I deal with this?
In consideration of our customers’ benefit, we will try our best to help customers to reduce customs duty value. However, customs duty is out of our control, customer have to afford the duty once it happens. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

It is urgent that I receive my order through expedited shipping. is happy to provide our customers with expedited shipping service. However, there are additional costs to consider before choosing this option. Any custom or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges, and cannot tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. We recommend that contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by charges you were not expecting.

Notice: If you choose expedited shipping, please remember to leave your contact number, this is required for expedited shipping. Contact us for the expedited shipping option details.

Delivery: Shipment email will be sent after your items have been shipped. Tracking information can be checked from your account.

All items being sold at are guaranteed to be delivered to buyers within 60 days (120 days to Brazil, 90 days for Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, Russia and South Africa). You can get a full refund if you have not received your item(s) beyond this time.

Full refunds are not available under the following circumstances:

1. Delays caused by the buyer providing incorrect or incomplete delivery information;
2. Delays in delivery caused by any force majeure incidents, such as natural disasters, bad weather and war;
3. Any uninsured order that is lost or stolen;
4. Delays in delivery caused by any other beyond’s control, such as public holidays and Customs issues.

Attention: If you choose the free shipping option, your parcel would be directly delivered to your local post office or your mail box without tracking number. If it arrives to local postal office, you will receive notification from them to your mail box.

Drop Shipping

1. What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a retail method in which you don’t keep products in stock. Instead, supply that stocks our own inventory – you transfer customer orders and shipment details to us, and we ship the goods directly to the customer. The biggest benefit of drop shipping is you don’t have to worry about fulfillment or inventory issues. Also, most customers don’t know you’re drop shipping .

2. Easy start and no extra charges. allows drop-shiping orders for all customers, there are no additional charges, just order online in the same way as usual, and put a new shipping address and type dropshipping in additional information when you checkout the order.  And we will ship your order without any logos or company names.

Is Shipping Included in The Prices?

We do offer FREE shipping for all products, therefore the price that you see on product page is total price that you will have to pay to get the product.

Please notice that free shipping option is cheapest economy shipping method via China Post Airmail Flat rate which comes without registration (no tracking).  Therefore if you want a tracking for your order, please choose Airmail Registered option.

The delivery times aren’t affected whatever you choose free or registered airmail options.

How Does Ship My Order to Me? currently ships small and medium sized orders by international couriers – China Post Air mail mostly.

We DO offer FREE WORLDWIDE Shipping, therefore the price that you see on product page is total price you will have to pay, unless you choose a shipping with tracking for extra $2.

“How Long Will It Take To Delivery?

Total delivery time is composed of two parts:
– The first part is the processing time. This is the time from when your payment is received to when we gather up all the items and package them. In Most cases this is 1-3 business days.
– The second part is the actual shipping time. This is the time that it takes for the package to be delivered by the couriers to the destination. In most cases this is 1-4 weeks period.

“How can I trace my order?

If you did choose a free shipping method, you won’t be able to track the order as this is shipped via China Post Airmail Flat Rate (without registration – no tracking).

If you did choose a Airmail Registered Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us. In this email, there should be the tracking information for your packages as well as the website in which you could trace your order at.

Please note that delivery time is not affected whatever you choose FREE or Registered airmails, its a same. the only difference is that you cannot track the package if it comes via Airmail Flat rate.


How Do I Save on Shipping?

For all orders over $60, we do include Tracking numbers even if you do choose “FREE Airmail” shipping method.

Can You Ship To “MY COUNTRY”? can ship single item orders or large orders to *WORLDWIDE*.

Please note, it’s your own responsibility to find out about the import tax situation in your own country.

American Samoa
Australian External Territories
Bosnia & Herzegovina
British Virgin Islands
Brunei Darussalam
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde Islands
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
Chatham Island (New Zealand)
China (PRC)
Christmas Island
Cocos-Keeling Islands
Cook Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Diego Garcia
Dominican Republic
East Timor
Easter Island
El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea
Falkland Islands
Faroe Islands
Fiji Islands
French Antilles
French Guiana
French Polynesia
Gabonese Republic
Guantanamo Bay
Hong Kong
Korea (South)
Kyrgyz Republic
Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Rep of.)
Mali Republic
Marshall Islands
Mayotte Island
Micronesia, (Federal States of)
Midway Island
Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Norfolk Island
Northern Marianas Islands
(Saipan, Rota, & Tinian)
Palestinian Settlements
Papua New Guinea
Puerto Rico
Réunion Island
Rwandese Republic
St. Helena
St. Kitts/Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Pierre & Miquelon
St. Vincent & Grenadines
San Marino
São Tomé and Principe
Saudi Arabia
Serbia and Montenegro
Seychelles Republic
Slovak Republic
Solomon Islands
Somali Democratic Republic
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Thuraya (Mobile Satellite service)
Togolese Republic
Tonga Islands
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America
US Virgin Islands
Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
Vatican City
Wake Island
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Western Samoa

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Taxes, Customs & Duties

Taxes, Customs & Duties

When you place an order you are indicating that you agree to the Privacy Policies and Terms of Use we’ve published in our online Help Center.

Here are some important points that you must be aware of before placing an order:

– sends goods to you from China. As such, you (or the consignee) are IMPORTING. Many countries do NOT charge import duties on private items below a certain stated value. However, you may find that you have to pay taxes when goods you have ordered from us arrive in your country. It is your responsibility to find out about this, and your responsibility to pay the taxes/charges on receipt of the items.  If you place this order for your customer please inform your customers about this in advance.

– You must provide a valid phone number.  Dropshippers – please provide your customer’s phone number for the courier’s use.
– We strongly recommend you order samples before proceeding with large wholesale orders.
– All our products are covered by our warranty. However, different products have different warranties, please check your product’s warranty firstly and then contact us before the deadline.
– Customers need to return faulty items to us in China. Sometimes the return shipping cost is refundable if we find a mistake was made by ourselves. The cost of shipping replacement products is covered by

Please also take the time to read the Privacy Policies and Terms of Use documents online in our Help Center.

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