Industrial Grade Optical Isolation 4-channel RS485 HUB Sharer Splitter 1 in 4 Out Support RS232 Wi485-4

Industrial Grade Optical Isolation 4-channel RS485 HUB Sharer Splitter 1 in 4 Out Support RS232 Wi485-4

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Product Description

4-way isolated RS485 hub is a kind of high-performance industrial RS485 signal hub and repeater, which is born to solve the networking problem of RS485 star structure. The product can automatically sense the direction of data flow and the baud rate of communication, without any control or handshake signal, so as to ensure the transparent transmission of data. The power supply and communication signal of the equipment are completely isolated, with surge protection, electrostatic protection and other measures. It has the characteristics of long transmission distance, high speed, stable and reliable performance. It is widely used in attendance machine, IC card charging system, automatic control, access control system, parking lot, canteen meal selling system and highway charging system.
1. Industrial grade design, complete communication isolation, stable and reliable performance, transmission rate up to 115.2Kbps;
2. Built-in high-quality DC / DC isolated power module to achieve electrical isolation between ports;
3. Support multi-machine communication, each channel can connect up to 128 nodes, the longest transmission distance is 2500 meters;
4. Automatic data flow control technology, automatically identify and control the data transmission direction;
5. Multiple protection measures: plus or minus 15KV ESD protection, 600W dual-channel TVS protection 2.5KV communication isolation;
6. The power supply has a wide range of 9-36VDC, and has anti-reverse protection;
RS485E equipment is suitable for long-term stable operation at the recommended value; the equipment will not be damaged when working at the limit value, but it may cause performance degradation; do not exceed the limit value range at any time, otherwise it may cause equipment damage!
Item/parameter Recommended value (typical value)
Compatible with RS-232, RS-485 TIA/EIA standards
Operating Voltage DC: 9-36V
rated power 0. 5-1. 2W
input interface 1 RS-232/1 RS-485
Output Interface 4 RS-485
load capacity 128 nodes per interface
Communication distance 2500 meters of shielded wire or twisted pair per interface
Communication rate 300bps-115. 2Kbps
Installation method 35mm rail installation, 4 holes on the back panel
structure size 115*90*40mm Weight: 136g
working environment   -30°C to 70°C, relative humidity>95%RH
485 wiring notes:
1. 485 communication line must use shielded twisted pair, preferably multiple strands for backup, the longest is no more than 2500 meters.
2. The wiring should be as far away as possible from high-voltage wires, and should not be parallel with the power cord, nor can it be bundled together.
3. The 485 bus must be a hand-in-hand bus structure, resolutely eliminating star connections and bifurcation connections.
4. If there are more than 30 controllers or the line length is greater than 500 meters, it is recommended to use 485 repeaters.
5. AC-powered equipment and chassis must be truly grounded and well grounded.
6. Connect the GND ground of all 485 devices with shielded wires.
The requirements for the selection of wires using RS-485 bus for communication:
Use 2-core shielded twisted pair copper, wire diameter 0.5 ~ 0.75mm2, Impedance 38 ~ 88 ohm / km, Rongkang 30 ~ 50 nanofarads / km, 2-core shielded twisted pair with 20 mm lay length
Signal common ground:
1. All devices on the same network segment must have a uniform signal ground to avoid common mode interference.
2. When centralized power supply, connect the DC negative poles of all power sources on the same network segment (including the self-contained power source of the communication equipment) directly to form a common signal ground
At this time, the signal ground is the DC power ground.
3. When a single household supplies power independently, connect the ground (black wire) pins of all bus devices on the same network segment together to form a common signal ground.
Terminal definition and wiring diagram:
1 RS-485 B RS-485-
2 G RS-485 GND
3 A  RS-485+
4 RS-485 B RS-485-
5 G RS-485 GND
6 A  RS-485+
7 RS-485 B RS-485-
8 G RS-485 GND
9 A  RS-485+
10 RS-485 B RS-485-
11 G RS-485 GND
12 A  RS-485+
1 DC9-36V DC socket 5.5*2.1
2 + Terminal terminal positive
3 - Terminal negative
4 RS-232 TXD RS-232 transmission
5 RXD RS-232 receiving
6 GND RS-232 ground
7 RS-485 B RS-485-
8 A RS-485+
Installation method:
35mm guide rail installation, back plate 4 hole installation
Packge includes:
1 x Industrial Grade Optical Isolation 4-channel RS485 HUB Sharer Splitter

More Detailed Photos:

Industrial Grade Optical Isolation 4-channel RS485 HUB Sharer Splitter 1 in 4 Out Support RS232 Wi485-4
Industrial Grade Optical Isolation 4-channel RS485 HUB Sharer Splitter 1 in 4 Out Support RS232 Wi485-4

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