FeelTech FY1100-5M Single Channel Signal Generator DDS Signal and TTL Level Output Waveform Pulse Function Frequency Meter Signal Source


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NOTE:The product supports Chinese and English switching!


FY1100 series single-channel signal generator is a portable, high-performance, cost-effective and multi-functional signal generator that integrates function signal generator, pulse signal generator, counter and frequency meter. The instrument uses a large-scale FPGA integrated circuit and a high-speed MCU microprocessor, and the internal circuit uses a high-precision active crystal oscillator as a reference, with high signal stability. The surface mount technology greatly improves the anti-interference and service life of the instrument. The instrument has a single-channel DDS signal and TTL level output, which can generate 13 kinds of waveform signals such as sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, etc. This instrument realizes the perfect combination of ease of use, excellent technical indicators and many functional characteristics in signal generation, waveform scanning, parameter measurement and use, which can help users complete work tasks faster. It is an electronic engineer, electronic laboratory, Ideal testing and measuring equipment for production lines, teaching and scientific research.

The FY1100 series single-channel signal generator has a user-friendly keyboard layout and instructions, providing users with an intuitive operation interface. The display interface adopts a 2.4-inch TFT color LCD screen with a high resolution of 320*240, which can simultaneously display the output signal parameters and prompt the current key functions. The shortcut keys greatly simplify the complicated operation process and greatly enhance the operation of the instrument Sex.


Adopt DDS direct digital synthesis technology to produce accurate, stable and low distortion output signal;
Desktop design with ABS plastic shell and 5V (DC) DC voltage power supply;
Adopt 2.4-inch (320*240 pixels) color display to display relevant waveform parameters;
Sampling rate 150MSa/s, 12bits vertical resolution; 

Various waveforms:
Sine wave
Square wave (adjustable duty cycle)
COMS wave (adjustable duty cycle)
DC wave
Triangle wave
Rising sawtooth
Falling sawtooth
Step triangle wave
Full wave
Positive half wave
Random noise wave
AM waveform
FM waveform 

High frequency accuracy: frequency accuracy can reach 10^-2 orders of magnitudie;
High frequency resolution: the full range of frequency resolution is 10mHz or 0.01Hz;
High amplitude resolution: the minimum amplitude resolution can reach 10mV or 0.01V;
With -7.5V~+7.5V DC bias function 


Frequency characteristics
Product model: FY1100-5M
Sine wave frequency range: 0~5MHz
Square wave frequency range: 0~2MHz
Triangle wave frequency range: 0~3MHz
TTL digital wave range: 0~5MHz
Other wave frequency range: 0~3MHz
Minimum frequency resolution: 10mHz (0.01Hz)
Frequency accuracy: ±5×10^-6
Frequency stability: ±1 x10^-6/ 3 hours
Output impedance: 50Ω+10% (typical)

Wave characteristics
Waveform types: sine wave, square wave (adjustable duty cycle), COMS wave (adjustable duty cycle), DC wave, triangle wave, rising sawtooth wave, falling sawtooth wave, stepped triangle wave, positive full wave, positive half wave, Random noise wave, amplitude modulation waveform, frequency modulation waveform
Waveform sampling rate: 150MSa/s
Waveform vertical resolution: 12 bits
Sine wave:
Harmonic suppression: ≥45dBc(<1MHz); ≥40dBc(1MHz~5MHz);
Total harmonic distortion: <0.8% (20Hz~20kHz, 0dBm)
Square wave:
Rise and fall time: ≤15ns (VPP<5v)
Overshoot: ≤7.5%
Duty cycle adjustment range: 0.1%~99.9%
Sawtooth wave:
Linearity: ≥98% (0.01Hz~10kH) 

Output characteristics
Amplitude range (peak-to-peak value): 10mVpp~15Vpp
Amplitude resolution: 10mV
Amplitude stability: ±0.5%/5 hours
Amplitude flatness: ±5% (<5MHz); 

Wave output
Output impedance: 50Ω±10% (typical)
Protection: All signal output terminals can work for more than 60S under load short-circuit conditions 

DC bias
Bias adjustment range: ±7.5V
Minimum offset resolution: 10mV 

TTL output
Level amplitude: >3Vpp
Fan-out factor: >8TTL load
Level rise/fall time: ≤15ns 

CMOS output
Low level: <0.3V
High level: 1V~7.5V
Level rise/fall time: ≤25ns 

External measurement function
Frequency counter function:
Frequency measurement range: 0.01Hz~75MHz
Measurement accuracy gate time: 1S, 10S, 100S three-speed adjustment
Counter function:
Counting range: 0-4294967295
Measurement method: AC coupling method
Counting method: manual
Input signal voltage range: 0.7Vpp~10Vpp
Period measurement: 15ns resolution, maximum measurable 1S

Scan function (this function is only available for CH1 channel)
Scan type: linear scan, logarithmic scan
Scanning object: frequency, duty cycle
Scan time: 0.1S~999.9S/step
Frequency setting range: arbitrary setting of starting point and ending point
Frequency sweep range: Determined by the set value of the sweep parameter 

General technical specifications
Display type: 2.4 inch TFT color LCD display
Store and load
Quantity: 20 groups
Location: 01 to 20 (The 01 storage location parameter is called by default after power-on)
Interface mode: using USB to serial interface
Communication rate: adopt industrial standard 115200bps
Communication protocol: using command line mode, the protocol is open
Power supply
Voltage range: DC 5V
Manufacturing process: surface mount technology, large-scale integrated circuit, high reliability, long service life
Buzzer sound: users can turn on or off through program settings
Operating characteristics: all key operations, continuous knob adjustment
Environmental conditions Temperature: 0~40°C Humidity: ﹤80%
Size: 200mm (length) X190mm (width) X90mm (height)
Weight: 470g (host), accessories (150g) 

Package includes:

1 x FY1100 single channel signal generator
1 x Power adapter
1 x USB-B data cable
1 x BNC to clip cable (Q9 clip cable)
1 x BNC-BNC connecting cable

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